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Drop In Replacement Gear Box

What Is Drop- In Replacement Gear Box

Esenpro brings to its customer's an innovative solution for customised gearbox requirements. We provide an exact drop-in replacement of a customers existing gearbox. The design and production of the drop-in replacement with matching dimensions is conducted by us. We make sure of maintaining performance and quality standards of the same. Enhancement of power ratings of the gearbox within the same footprints of the existing gearbox is provided too. Drop-in replacements are produced for all types of industrial helical, bevel, bevel helical and planetary gearbox for steel, cement, plastic, rubber, mining, power, cranes, chemical and sugar industry of any brand.

Customer Requirement

To successfully execute a drop-in replacement project, the customers existing gearbox general assembly drawing with mention of the following technical parameters is required.

  1. Motor Power
  2. Input Speed
  3. Reduction Ratio
  4. Desired Service Factor
  5. Application Details if available Critical dimensions MUST be highlighted.
  6. Photos to understand mounting and orientation of the gearbox

Our Products

Esenpro shall thereafter create an engineering plan for the drop-in replacement and shall submit a General Assembly drawing for the customer's approval. The customer will have access to all the technical information for the new gearbox in our General Assembly drawing to peruse and approve. Once approval from the customer's end is received, we shall initiate manufacturing of the gearbox.

Final Product