Uncoiler Gear Unit

Uncoiler Gearbox

Motor Power

0 – 215 – 215 KW


0 – 420 – 520 – 1800 RPM


5.75/1 & 11.5/1

Product Details

Change Speed Uncoiler gear units are custom designed units for steel mill application. They are foot mounted, multiple stage helical gear units with a special output mandrel shaft. High load carrying capacity bearings are incorporated to withstand loads during coiling, reeling and tensioning.

Product Details

Salient Features

Gearboxes are of parallel shaft, helical construction with stages (as per reduction ratio) consisting of solid input and special output (mandrel) shaft incorporated with heavy duty spherical roller bearings on output shaft to take care of heavy coil weight and coil tension for coiling / uncoiling operations in steel.

Housing is of robust gear case design of mild steel welded construction grade Fe 410 WA/WB as per IS 2062 duly stress relived.

Gears & Pinions are made of carburising alloy steel, 18 CrNiMo7-6 as per EN 10084 case hardened to 58-62 HRC & accurately precision ground to DIN 5-6 as per DIN 3962.

Forced lubrication provision through centralised oil systems is provided in the gearbox for ensuring adequate amount of oil supply to all gear meshes and bearings.