Aerator Gear Units

Helical Aerator Gearbox

Power Range

2.5 KW – 445 KW


Single / Double

Ratio Range

3.35/1 to 35.5/1




Waste Water Treatment / Mixing

Product Details

Helical Gear Units specially designed for Aerator and Agitator Application. Aerator / Agitator Gear Units are available in single and double reductions. The gear units can be provided with or with out motor.

Product Details

Salient Features

Special gearbox housing design to take care of external loads on the output shaft.

Field proven gear units with constantly upgraded design and technology.

Specially designed and manufactured to suit out-door applications.

Gear unit designed to attain maximum dynamic stability.

Wide range of reduction ratios for selection.

Additional features like pump arrangement, cooling coil, dry well and slipping clutch are available as per customer requirement.